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Nuclear Medicine

In this examination procedure, a small amount of radioactive substance (radiopharmaceutical) is administered, which accumulates in the organs to be examined. There the radiopharmaceutical sends out weak radiation, which is detected by sensitive detectors. You can think of the device as a kind of camera that only records radioactive
radiation. With the help of computers, an image (scintigram) is calculated from the recorded rays and this is assessed by the doctor on the screen. The method is suitable, for example, for locating foci of inflammation in the skeleton (skeletal scintigraphy) or for functional analysis of organs, for example in kidney function scintigraphy. The radiation exposure is comparable to that of a normal X-ray examination.

Which areas of organs can be examined in nuclear medicine:

Bone scintigraphy: – Finding bone inflammation or metastases in malignant ones
Tumor diseases
When is the examination initiated (indications)?
• benign or malignant bone tumor
• fractures; Activity of fractures
• Osteomyelitis
• Arthritis
• Algodystrophy (M. Sudeck)
• Avascular necrosis
• Bone infarcts
• Vitality of bone grafts
• Unexplained bone pain
• Assessment of the regional bone metabolism before pain therapy with osteotrophic

Nierns scintigraphy:

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When is the examination initiated (indications)?
Overall kidney function
Side shares of the kidneys in the overall function
Shape and location of the kidneys
Kidney congestion and relevance of congestion
is a known flow obstruction so pronounced that an operation is necessary to maintain
kidney function?
Mute kidney (does a small kidney still have some residual function)?
Before the planned removal of a kidney (eg in the event of a tumor) to assess the
function of the healthy kidney. How radical can the operation be?
I want to donate a kidney to a relative. Will my remaining kidney function adequately?
Functional assessment of a transplanted kidney

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